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Video Introduction To Skylar Modeling School
Video: Founder Dennis Introduces Skylar Modeling School
Hi, I'm Dennis Jager, and I'm the founder of Skylar Modeling School. A model can face a lot of obstacles; one is keeping confidence in the industry. You have to deal with the highest rate of rejection more than in any other business, and sometimes you go to a casting, and there are like 200 girls, and there's only one position left for the job. They sometimes even tell you stuff about like your skin is flawed or you have too big of a nose, and this can be traumatizing for girls who are just 15 years old.

At the modeling classes, we tackle the confidence part and how not to take criticism personally. If you are a successful model, you learned through the hard way how to not take criticism personally but more like an objective for the creative process.

Let me share my personal experience; my markets were really in Paris and Milan but when I made a decision to come overseas and base myself here in New York I faced a lot of criticism. I was an ectomorph, meaning I was very skinny, and the model manager that I was working with was trying to push me to bulk up. I had to eat more I had to go to the gym, for me this was something I couldn't do, a lot of people would say this a blessing but for me, it became a curse.

When I was trying to eat so much and going to the gym, I was sick daily, and for me and the entire industry became a negative experience. Mentally it's frustrating for me; I had to take a break and step away for a moment.

During this time I went through a lot of self-development, you can call it soul searching, but that's where I figured out how to deal with the confidence. This mindset comes with it and not to take it personally at all, and after that, you are set free you don't think anymore what other people think about you. You feel better is in your skin, and this is valuable for life!

During the two days of modeling classes, you learn how to go from an freelance model and learn how to become a model. We cover everything from mindset, how to pose, how to runway walk, how to get an agency, and more!

What you will get after this weekend is that you have won a ton of confidence, you will know step-by-step how to become a model and you have all the knowledge possible to start your career in the industry.

Confidence can play a big part in any area of your life. If you want to go into sales, or you want to ask a raise to your boss, you need to the confidence, and you need to know your posture, how to talk and believe in yourself, this is one of the critical factors that we cover in our information-packed modeling classes in 2 full days of hands-on practicing.

If this is something that speaks to you if you are looking for confidence, how to become a model, if you want to know the secrets from inside modeling, then this modeling school is for you!

To find more information, browse the modeling school website and you can apply through the contact page!

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