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Skylar Modeling School Review Video by Morgan
Freelance Model: Morgan Reviewed Skylar Modeling Classes
I'm a 19-year-old freelance model living in New York, and I just finished my modeling classes with Dennis and Oksana and successfully learned all the skills and tactics on how to become a model. Not only do these modeling classes offer the logistics behind how to become a model, but these classes also allowed me to understand the deeper meaning of self-care and emotion and how to balance these two factors when trying to kick start your career in this industry.

Along with their guidance, they taught me how to runway walk, how to present myself appropriately, and how to market myself in the industry, which I believe a lot of models don't know.

With their guidance, I just learned so much, and I feel that these classes greatly impacted me as a person, along with my future career in this industry.

I highly recommend the modeling school to all freelance models because they taught me things that I didn't even know about this industry. They taught me about how to book model jobs and the roles of each model, how to deal with photographers on photoshoots, and how to get signed with an agency. I feel that the modeling school was so beneficial to me that I can't go without recommending it to other people. I think that it's a course that if you are an freelance model, a freelance actor, or anything, this course would greatly benefit anybody, with that being said, I wish all freelance models watching this good luck and thank Dennis and Oksana over the moon. 

I am excited about jumping into this industry with their knowledge that they taught me, and I can't wait!

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