When you start out in modeling, you will hear words and phrases that you have never heard before. It's necessary to understand what your agents and clients are talking about when booking modeling jobs or asking specific questions. 

Don't worry; we got you covered with all the industry words related to modeling to make you sound like a top model and know exactly what your agents and clients are talking about!

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BOOKER - Term for an agent in Europe
BOOKING - Modeling job confirmation
BOOK OUT - model makes specific hours or days they are unavailable for assignments.
BUYER - retail store employee who purchases clothing from the manufacturer; during the booking of a showroom model is showcasing clothes to the buyers
BUY OUT - a one-time fee paid by the client for the usage of images or material for a specified period of time.
CALLBACK - Any follow-up casting
CALL TIME - The time that the model is expected to arrive and be ready to work
CALL SHEET - A sheet containing the cast, crew, start-end times, and location for a specific shooting
CASTING - The process of selecting model(s) for the specific job
CHART - A file or sheet used to chart a model's schedule, appointments, and other activities
CLIENT - Company that does provides a job
CLOSE-UP - Camera term for a tight shot of shoulders and face.
COMPOSITE CARD / COMP CARD - double-page printed card with 3-5 photos of model and their height, eye and hair color, and size information  
CREATIVE DIRECTOR - is a person that makes high-level creative decisions, and with those decisions oversees the creation of creative assets 
DIGITALS - are natural images of what a model currently looks like, shot in daylight
DIRECT BOOKING - When an agency is able to secure a booking for a model without a go-see or casting
EDITORIAL SHOT - photograph in magazine, providing the viewer with a visual narrative, often conceptually, that takes them on a journey through the art director's vision.
EXCLUSIVE / EXCLUSIVITY - A contract that requires a model works exclusively with one agency. Exclusivity agreements can be based upon time, geography, client, etc
FITTING - A session where the model tries on clothing and shoes before a fashion show or photo shoot so that alterations can be made if necessary
FIT MODELING - is a subset of fashion modeling where fashion professionals work entirely behind the scenes to test new clothing products during the design process; clients choose a model whose measurements match the sample size exactly.
RUNWAY SHOW - is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase their upcoming line of clothing
FREELANCE - modeling for clients without agency representation.
GO-SEE - casting for future projects
GUARANTEE - Agencies in Asia, will guarantee that a foreign model will earn a specific amount of money during a stay lasting from two to six months. In the United States, no modeling agency will make ANY guarantees of earnings to a new model
LOOK BOOK - A collection of photos taken of models wearing a designer or manufacturers clothing that is sent out to fashion editors, buyers, clients, and special customers to show the designer's looks for the season.
MAINBOARD - establish models of the agency
MOODBOARD - an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept
MODEL RELEASE - contract in which the model gives permission to use the photo as the client specified
MOTHER AGENT/AGENCY - A mother agent is a person or agency that initially discovered you. Helping you to get signed with agencies worldwide and are in charge of developing your career
NEW FACE - new model who is just signed with agency and is new to the industry
OPEN CALL - casting when the client sees all models suitable for the type requested 
OPTION / HOLD - Before a model is confirmed to work on a job, they are held on option. This is the last step before booking a job.
PRODUCER - the person responsible for the day-to-day decision-making on a production
PORTFOLIO - main promotional tool for models. Displays select photos which show the model at his/her photogenic best and includes samples of work (tear sheets).
SAMPLE - a piece of clothing from a line, one-of-a-kind.
SCOUT - a person who finds new talent/models. They don’t have to be full time working for one agency
SHOWROOM MODEL - A model that works in a clothing designer’s showroom, showing clothing to retail and department store buyers (doesn’t include photoshoot/ hairstylist or makeup artist)
STATEMENT - income statement, expense sheet provided by the agency to the model
STATS - statistical information of a model, including measurements, size, height, etc.
TEARSHEET - is an actual page that has been torn from printed publication and inserted into a model's portfolio. Today, it can also be a digital advertisement or editorial due to the Internet.
TEST SHOOT - photoshoot to build or update model's portfolio.
USAGE - agreement to use models images for a certain period of time for agreed price
VOUCHER - Time slip with all pertinent information needed for getting paid properly.
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