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How To Become A Teen Model
Dennis Jager
how to become a model
Starting to model at a young age can have its benefits. You will gain a lot of experience, make new friends, and already build a modeling portfolio for when you are ready to become a full-time model. If you are 14 years old and are dreaming of becoming a model, you have to understand that school goes first. You can start modeling in your free time and on weekends, and once you turn 17-18, you will be ready to begin a professional career. By that time, you will have to build your confidence, gained experience, and a created portfolio that will give you a head start of the models that are just starting.

School first

To start teen modeling is not as easy as you might think. You have to pay attention to your school still and keep up with your good grades. School can help you in your modeling career, picking up foreign languages, math, and geography goes hand in hand with modeling.

Speak with your parents

If you are underage and want to apply to agencies, make sure you speak with your parents first and have your parents come to your meetings, especially in the beginning. The modeling industry is a big business world with a lot of money going around. We see plenty of times that young models are entering the modeling industry without knowing what they signup for, and that can hurt them in the long run. Ensure that your parents are there, asking the right questions, and understanding what will happen is a significant plus.
Being a model is more than being pretty and waiting for jobs to come in. You need to gain experience, confidence, build your portfolio, and create momentum around your self, your brand. You will start with a lot of test shoots with photographers to gradually develop your portfolio. The agencies will organize this for you, as the photographer's quality is very important. 
After some test shoots with photographers, your portfolio will be established, and the agency will propose you to jobs. If you are passionate about becoming a model at age 14 but are still in school, you might need to ask for some time off to meet clients, do castings, and book jobs. Your performance in school will help you sometimes take some time off. Just make sure you have high grades, being focused, and doing your best at school. Please communicate your performance at school with your agency so that they know only to push you for good jobs.

What are the requirements for becoming a teen model

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The requirements vary, and there are plenty of different models type and jobs available, you can find an overview of different model types in the blog. The general modeling requirements are that you have to be between 174 & 181 cm tall (5'8"-5'11"), and for male models, it is 185 & 195 cm tall (6' - 6'4"). Models should look slim and toned, watch the diets and sport regularly, and there are exceptions with plus-size models who are very trending in recent years.

How to reach out to Teen Model agencies

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Signing with an agency is a great place to start becoming a teen model; you don't need expensive photoshoots to apply to agencies. Agents and models managers prefer to see digitals or polaroids. Use the guideline below:
  • Light: Make sure you shoot images in natural day light
  • Jeans: Wear dark skinny denim jeans
  • Shirt: Wear a black or white form fitted t-shirt or tank top
  • Shoes: Wear high heels
  • Products: Don't wear any make-up or hair products
  • Direction: See below image directions
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Skylar modeling is always looking for new models, it doesn't matter where you live. Submit your images here and find out if you get signed with us!
If you want to know more in-depth on how to start modeling, make sure you check out our models blog and especially this article: how to become a model
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