Success stories

I Got 2 Agencies Wanting To Sign Me Just 3 Months After The Camp! 

Now I Am A Signed Model!

“Learning that when you get rejected, that it is not personal towards you. That it’s just not what they are looking for, not that you are ugly or a bad model.” - Dreanne

I Booked My First Job Just 10 Days After Attending!

“A designer has reached out to me after she had seen the work I was doing with Skylar Modeling. I have been working with this designer on a few photoshoots that I’ve been paid for. I have also been chosen to do a PAID fitness commercial in Atlanta, Georgia. They also will do a swim line in the spring, which they want me to be part of. - This all came from her seeing me being a part of Skylar Modeling.”
“This is my first big paying opportunity. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn't for Skylar Modeling.”  - Stephanie

I Used The Posing Techniques They Taught Me In My Last 5 Photoshoots, And The Images Are So Much Better!

“Learning from experienced models that know what they are talking about and who can give you feedback and teach you how to improve your skills, you can come really far.” - Milou

I Booked My First Job 1-Month After Attending Skylar Modeling!

"Thanks to the photo's shot at Skylar Modeling, I was approved to modeling platforms right away!"

“The experience is a 10/10, the most fun I have had since quarantine, and this course is needed for people considering modeling”  - Emilio

I Got Signed With An Agency 
Using The Strategies
Skylar Modeling Taught Me!

"I would recommend this to anybody who wants to become a model. It's not always easy to get an agency. You don't always know the requirements, but you learn how to pose, use facial expressions, and have a good learning experience with this course." - Annette

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