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Success stories


Zelda is 12 years old and attended Skylar Modeling with her mother, Irina. Before attending, they've been scammed numerous times, leading to sleepless nights for Irina for not knowing how to help her daughter.

After discovering Skylar Modeling, they felt safe, with direct communication whenever they needed it. 

During Zelda's photoshoots she receives compliments regarding her posing, making her portfolio pictures come to life!

With the confidence and guidance from Skylar Modeling, Zelda got signed within 24 hours to STATE Model Management in New York, got published in magazines, and booked multiple photoshoots.
“I felt the actual experience and emotions of what a real high photoshoot would be like. The hair & make-up artist, stylist, photographer, videographer are all top-notch industry professionals, and the results are phenomenal! To round it all up, to get a casting with a real agent was a dream come through!” - Zelda


Joel has always dreamed of being a model since he was young. He was a freelance model for a couple of years before meeting with Skylar Modeling. Joel never had the chance to start working with a modeling agency. He took advice from people pretending to know everything about the modeling industry, which wasn't working for him, and he had to deconstruct a lot.

Joel wanted to learn insider tips and tricks from professionals, become a better model, and gain more confidence.

The Skylar Modeling program has helped him grow various posing skills that he is successfully implementing in his photoshoots. As a result, he has attained a confidence level that he didn't have before. 

With the guidance and strategies provided by Skylar Modeling, he got signed with a Top Tier Modeling Agency in New York, booked a giant client: DIOR, and got published in multiple magazines!
“Ever since I met them, within 24 hours, I got signed with a top-tier modeling agency in New York. Within the next two months I got booked by a really huge client; I GOT BOOKED BY DIOR! I also got published in a few magazines. Ever since I’ve met Dennis and Oksana, my life has been kind of like a dream; I am still kind of waking up, somebody pinch me please, haha. At the end of the day, I can’t go on without letting you guys know, this is a great program, this is a great resource, I definitely believe you guys should invest in it 100%!” - Joel


Rossy is a 35-year-old mother of three children. One of the challenges she faced was that she was new in the industry and never knew any models or knew anything about the modeling industry.

Her friend attended Skylar Modeling and shared with her genuine appreciation of how Skylar Modeling has helped her, and she thought that Skylar Modeling is a place she could put her faith.

Being part of the Skylar Modeling Community is very useful, especially when she is uncertain about a few things; the community motivates and inspires her to keep going!

Through the program, she became more confident in her runway walk, posing, and being in front of the camera. In addition, she used the program's strategies and advice, got signed with an agency within 2-weeks, and received major auditions.
"I definitely would recommend Skylar Modeling. It's the greatest place to start. It's not too high pressure. They provide content very well. They have a wonderful atmosphere, the studio is very clean, everything is professional, the ladies that do the make-up are professional. They talk and converse with you, they make it fun and get you loose for the camera. The photographer will come in and work with you. It's a fantastic environment to first start out in. All the variables are taken care off. All you have to do is just experience it! And that will get you like, 'Oh, this is what I really want to do!'" - Rossy


Jason was scammed for thousands of dollars to get his portfolio done. He didn’t trust the industry anymore but felt he had found a family in Skylar Modeling. 

During his attendance, he learned how to never run out of poses for his photoshoots, and he learned how to walk the runway the proper way. 

With the strategies, guidance, and help, he got signed within 48 Hours to an agency in New York and walked runway shows in New York Fashion Week (NYFW)!

"I personally never thought I got signed in 48-hours, but I did! Thanks to the help, the aid and instructions of Skylar Modeling." -Jason

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