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From Dreaming to Doing: Real Life Success Stories of Our Graduates

Model Academy

From Shy to Confident: How Skylar Modeling Helped Blythe Sign with an Agency, Get Jobs, and Magazines Shoots in 48 Hours

Blythe had a dream and wanted to know how to get into modeling but lacked the confidence to express herself on social media and showcase her skills. She knew that she needed guidance to improve her knowledge about the industry and how to get signed by an agency

That’s when Blythe discovered Skylar Modeling, a modeling school that offered a weekend program to teach aspiring models the skills they need to succeed in the industry. Despite her initial shyness, Blythe decided to give it a try and attended the modeling classes.

During the weekend, Blythe learned the ins and outs of the modeling industry, including runway walking, posing, and camera angles. She also learned the importance of confidence and how to break out of her shell. The program helped her gain the skills and knowledge she  needed to take her career to the next level.

Within 48 hours of completing the program, Blythe received an offer from a modeling agency. And within seven days, she landed her first job as a model. But the success didn’t stop there. Blythe was also published in a magazine, showcasing her skills and confidence in front of the camera.

Reflecting on her experience, Blythe said, "The SM model weekend showed what it really is to work as a model on a daily basis or as a career. You have to be strong and realize that you have what it takes. It's all about having good energy and knowing the skills."

"It showed me that putting in a little work goes a long way. I learned about what it takes to be successful in the industry. It's not just about good looks, but the skill to it. I learned a lot about confidence, how to show that through the camera and figure out your angles, and how you move in front of the camera and runway walking. The most important thing that I learned was breaking down that shell that you might have, being nervous, or questioning yourself if you have what it takes."

Thanks to Skylar Modeling, Blythe was able to overcome her shyness, gain confidence, meet with a model scout and achieve her dream of becoming a successful model.

Model Academy

From Scammed to Signed: How Skylar Modeling Helped Zelda Land a Modeling Contract and Magazine Shoots in 24 Hours

Zelda, a 12-year-old aspiring model, and her mother, Irina, had been scammed numerous times by fraudulent modeling agencies. Irina was losing sleep, not knowing how to get into modeling for her daughter. That’s when they discovered Skylar Modeling, a modeling school that promised a safe and reliable platform for aspiring models.

At Skylar Modeling, Zelda received expert guidance and training, and during her model photoshoots, she received compliments about her posing and ability to bring her portfolio pictures to life. Skylar Modeling provided Zelda and Irina with direct communication whenever they needed it, making them feel safe and secure.

With the confidence gained from Skylar Modeling, Zelda was able to land a contract with STATE Model Management in New York within 24 hours. She also got published in magazines and booked multiple photoshoots. She was thrilled with her experience and the results she achieved.

"I felt the actual experience and emotions of what a real high model photoshoot would be like," said Zelda. "The hair & make-up artist, stylist, photographer, videographer, model scout are all top-notch industry professionals, and the results are phenomenal! To round it all up, to get a casting with a real agent was a dream come through!"

Thanks to Skylar Modeling, Zelda was able to achieve her dream of becoming a model. She and her mother were grateful for the safe and reliable platform provided by Skylar Modeling, and for the expert guidance and training that gave Zelda the skills and confidence to succeed in the industry. With magazine shoots, a perfume campaign, and a catalogue under her belt, Zelda is now on her way to a successful modeling career.

Model Academy

From MBA to Model: How Skylar Modeling Helped Taylor Book a Job in 48 Hours and Launch Her Modeling Career with Wilhelmina Agency

Taylor had recently moved to New York to pursue her MBA and give modeling a try. However, she lacked confidence in casting calls and needed guidance on how to get into modeling. After discovering Skylar Modeling, she found the professional training and guidance she needed to succeed in the industry and got signed with Wilhelmina Models.

Skylar Modeling’s in-depth program provided Taylor with exercises to practice, and expert guidance from Oksana during photoshoots. The experience and knowledge Taylor gained from the classes helped her understand how to become a model and booked a job within two days, walk the runway shows in Miami and New York during swim week, and get published in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. She even shot a beauty campaign.

“Before the weekend, I would run out of poses in a few minutes. I would just go blank. Now I can pose for hours," Taylor said. "There's so much value in it, so much advice, so much knowledge, from real top models. I'm so grateful. Skylar Modeling is like a breath of fresh air in the industry."

Thanks to the expert guidance and training she received from Skylar Modeling, Taylor gained the confidence and skills she needed to launch her modeling career with Wilhelmina Agency. She is now on her way to a successful modeling career, with her experiences at Skylar Modeling providing the foundation for her success.

Model Academy

From Scammed to Success: Signed in 48 Hours, Runway NYFW, and on a Billboard in Times Square New York!

Jason wanted to know how to become a model, but his hopes were crushed when he fell victim to a scam that cost him thousands of dollars for a portfolio that never materialized. His trust in the modeling industry was shattered until he found Skylar Modeling, modeling classes that changed his life.

At Skylar Modeling, Jason learned invaluable skills, including how to pose for model photoshoots and walk the runway with confidence. With the guidance and strategies taught by Skylar Modeling, Jason was able to secure a modeling contract within 48 hours with a top agency in New York City.

Jason’s journey didn’t end there. He went on to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week, one of the most prestigious events in the fashion world. His hard work and dedication paid off even further when he was featured on a billboard in Times Square, one of the busiest and most iconic locations in New York City.

"I never thought it was possible to get signed in just 48 hours, but thanks to the help, aid, and instructions of Skylar Modeling, I did it! They taught me the skills and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in the modeling industry."

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Model Academy

From Self-Taught to Success: Booked Photoshoots & Runway Shows

Alicia had a passion for modeling but felt like she needed to take her career to the next level. She found the perfect opportunity to do so at Skylar Modeling Weekend, a program designed for models who want to learn how to get into modeling. Alicia’s goals were to improve her confidence, social media presence, runway walk, and portfolio, and with the help of Skylar Modeling, she was able to achieve all of that and more.

With the guidance and insider knowledge provided by Skylar Modeling, Alicia was able to secure a modeling contract with an agency in just 48 hours and book her first job within a week. Her newfound skills and confidence also allowed her to book e-commerce photoshoots and walk in runway shows during New York Fashion Week.

The quality of her portfolio images also improved significantly after attending the program. Skylar Modeling helped Alicia achieve her goals and kickstart her successful modeling career.

"Skylar Modeling Weekend was a game-changer for me. The coaches are models in the industry and provided insider knowledge that was super valuable. I felt so much more confident and knowledgeable about the industry after attending, and it showed in my work. I am so grateful for the experience.

Model Academy

Joel's Journey to Modeling Success: From Struggles to Stardom with Skylar Modeling

Joel always had a passion for modeling but found it challenging to break into the industry. Despite freelancing for a couple of years, he struggled to secure a contract with a reputable agency. Joel received advice from people who had no real understanding of the modeling world, which made it difficult for him to achieve his goals.

However, his luck changed when he discovered Skylar Modeling, which provided him with valuable insider tips and tricks from industry professionals on how to become a model. He learned various posing skills that he now implements in his photoshoots, boosting his confidence and making him stand out.

Thanks to Skylar Modeling classes, guidance and strategies, Joel’s modeling career took off. Within 24 hours after attending, he secured a contract with a top-tier modeling agency in New York, and within two months, he landed a major client, DIOR. His stunning work was featured in multiple magazines, and he even booked a job with Club Monaco, propelling him to stardom.

With the knowledge and skills gained through Skylar Modeling, Joel expanded his modeling opportunities to Europe, where he continued to thrive. Skylar Modeling was instrumental in unlocking Joel’s potential and helping him achieve his lifelong dream.

"Skylar Modeling has been a game-changer for me. The insider tips and tricks, combined with various posing skills, have boosted my confidence and made me stand out in the industry. Within 24 hours after attending, I secured a contract with a top-tier modeling agency in New York, and from there, my career skyrocketed. I am now modeling for huge clients like DIOR and Club Monaco and have had the opportunity to work in Europe. Thanks to Skylar Modeling, I am living my dream"


Overcoming Obstacles and Getting Signed: Madeline's Success Story with Our Model Coaching Program

Madeline faced the challenge of limited exposure in the modeling industry, which made it difficult for her to get started. However, our program provided her with the guidance and support she needed to understand how to get into modeling. Our model coaches helped Madeline perfect her runway walk and build a stunning portfolio that showcased her full potential.

With our lead coach, Oksana’s infectious energy, Madeline felt welcomed and supported throughout the program. The model photoshoot session was a great learning experience, with our coaches providing invaluable guidance on posture and posing. As a result, Madeline was able to secure a contract with One Management in just a couple of weeks after attending our program.

Madeline highly recommends our program to anyone looking to kickstart their modeling career. She found the program well-organized, and everything was brought together seamlessly, making the experience enjoyable and stress-free.

"I can't thank the model coaching program enough for helping me get started in the modeling industry. The guidance and support provided by the model coaches were invaluable in helping me perfect my runway walk and build a stunning portfolio. Oksana's energy and positivity made the whole experience so welcoming and positive. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to kickstart their modeling career. The program is well-organized, and the coaches bring everything together seamlessly."


Ryder's Success Story with Skylar Modeling

Ryder’s passion for modeling led him to search for a modeling school with his mom, who is also a model. After attending the Skylar Modeling classes, Ryder’s confidence and comfort in front of the camera improved significantly. Implementing the social media strategies he learned in the program, Ryder’s presence on social media gave him an extra boost. The program’s emphasis on posing, shoulder techniques, and runway walk techniques proved to be very helpful, which he even shared with his mom. 

Getting out of his comfort zone and posing in front of everyone was the most challenging part for Ryder. However, pushing himself was a great boost and made him proud. The coaches at Skylar Modeling left a level of trust with Ryder. Being top models signed with A-list agencies, they have first-hand experience on runway shows and photoshoots. Within just two weeks after attending the program, Ryder got signed with One management.

"Wow! My experience with Skylar was absolutely incredible. Dennis and Oksana are not only amazing coaches but amazing people. They truly welcome you with open and genuinely want the best for everyone of their models. They help me get signed in less than 10 days! I recommend Skylar, 100%!" said Ryder about his experience.

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Jade's Journey with Skylar Modeling

Jade, only 16 years old and in school, she wanted to know how to become a model. After reading great reviews of Skylar Modeling, she convinced her family to give it a try. Despite challenges with shyness and lack of confidence, Jade worked on herself and graduated ready to pursue her dreams. She attended the program twice, and the second time, she felt more mature and confident. She learned everything about the industry, from runway walk to posing, and the lessons from the pose class and confidence training were invaluable.

With the support of the Skylar Modeling coaches, Jade was able to book her first modeling job just two days after attending the program and signed with an agency in NYC two weeks later. She loved the entire model weekend experience, including the training, model photoshoot, and behind-the-scenes preparation. The lifetime access to confidence training was incredibly helpful, and the support system of the Skylar Modeling coaches made the process of signing much easier.

Jade said, "The program truly prepares you for the future jobs and bookings. I loved the model weekend experience, and having lifetime access to the confidence training was beyond helpful. The support system of having Skylar Modeling coaches helped tremendously while going through the process of signing. It took me just two days after attending the program to book my first modeling job, and I signed with an agency two weeks later. I highly recommend Skylar Modeling to anyone interested in modeling."


Skylar Modeling Classes Boosts Confidence and Improves Skills for New Model

Milou, a newly signed model with an agency in The Netherlands, attended the Skylar Modeling Classes to improve her skills and boost her confidence. With the goal of building her portfolio and learning how to pose properly, Milou did five photoshoots after attending the program. She applied the tips and advice she learned during the workshop, particularly using her hands more naturally to create more natural-looking photos.

Milou credits the program for helping her learn from experienced models who provided valuable feedback and taught her how to improve her skills. She also found the runway training to be particularly helpful, as it gave her the confidence to walk properly and elegantly. Overall, Milou believes that attending the Skylar Modeling Classes has given her the foundation she needs to succeed as a model.

"Take your advice and learn that you can move with posing, so that you get the more natural photos. and wouldn’t have known that if I didn't go to the workshop. That helped me a lot."


From Newbie to Signed: How Skylar Modeling Helped One Aspiring Model

Starting a career in the modeling industry can be daunting, especially when you have no prior experience or knowledge about it. This is the challenge that Rossy faced when she wanted to know how to become a model at the age of 35 with three children. Luckily, she found Skylar Modeling, which gave her the basic understanding and hands-on advice on how to pose in front of the camera, present herself better, and develop her own voice on social media.

After attending Skylar Modeling, Rossy became more confident in her walk, posing, and being in front of the camera. She also got signed with an agency within two weeks of applying and received major auditions from big clients. The program’s strategies and advice helped her solidify her skills and understand what visually looks good with her body within the frame of the camera. Moreover, being part of the Skylar Modeling community inspired and motivated her to keep going.

In Rossy’s words, “Skylar Modeling is the greatest place to start. It’s not too high pressure, they provide content very well. They have a wonderful atmosphere, the studio is very clean, everything is professional, the ladies that do the make-up are professional. It’s an amazing environment to first start out in. All the variables are taken care of, all you have to do is just experience it! And that will get you like ‘Oh, this is what I really want to do!’” With Skylar Modeling, you can start your modeling career with confidence, knowing that you have the support, guidance, and community to help you along the way.

"Skylar Modeling is the greatest place to start. It’s an amazing environment to first start out in. All the variables are taken care of, all you have to do is just experience it!"


The Power of Proper Guidance: Kayla's Path to Signing with a Top Modeling Agency

Kayla’s dream of becoming a model was hindered by her lack of experience and confidence. However, her determination led her to seek out Skylar modeling for guidance and training. Through the program, she gained valuable skills and was able to sign with a top agency in New York within just two weeks.


Skylar modeling provided Kayla with the opportunity to work with experienced models who helped her develop important pose techniques and runway skills. These skills allowed her to excel during her first model photoshoot booked through her agency, impressing the photographer with her abilities. Kayla believes that proper guidance and training is essential for aspiring models and is grateful for the support she received from Skylar modeling.

Skylar modeling helped me believe in myself and my abilities," Kayla shared. "I never thought I could sign with an agency so quickly, but the program gave me the confidence and skills I needed to succeed. I am excited to continue pursuing my dream and am grateful for the opportunity to work with Skylar modeling." With her newfound confidence and skills, Kayla is ready to take on the modeling industry and achieve her goals.

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From Local Runway to Paid Gigs: How Skylar Modeling Changed Stephanie's Life

Stephanie had some modeling experience in Rhode Island, but she felt like something was missing and really wanted to know how to get into modeling. That’s when she discovered Skylar Modeling, which offered her professional training and the chance to meet a model scout. After attending their workshop in New York, Stephanie’s career took off. She started doing photoshoots and collaborations, which led to a casting director and a fashion designer booking her for paid jobs. Stephanie says, “This is my first big paying opportunity. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Skylar Modeling.”

The training she received from professional models Dennis and Oksana gave Stephanie the confidence to pose in front of the camera and walk the runway. She says, “Getting support from professionals has given me so much confidence. It makes me feel better about myself, if Oksana and Dennis believe in me, why not shoot for the stars.” Stephanie also appreciated the personal relationships she was able to build with photographers. She says, “Before attending Skylar Modeling, I never had that opportunity to build a relationship with a photographer on a 1-on-1 basis.”

Stephanie highly recommends the workshop to any aspiring model. She says, "If there are aspiring models out there who are struggling and going through certain emotions that I did, it's definitely worth it. That is a weekend to remember. I will never ever ever forget that weekend in New York. I am completely going to carry that with me for the rest of my life. I would love for other aspiring models to feel that fulfillment. It's an amazing feeling, you feel you can conquer the world in the modeling industry." Thanks to Skylar Modeling, Stephanie has the confidence and skills to take her career to the next level.


Building Confidence: Annette's Journey to Modeling Success

Annette had always dreamed of becoming a model, but without an agency or experience, she felt lost and unsure of where to start. That was until she attended a modeling course aimed at building confidence, learning how to pose, and getting started in the industry. Through the modeling classes, Annette gained the knowledge and skills needed to pursue her dream and understanding on how to become a model.

With the help of the strategies and templates provided in the course workbook, Annette was able to secure representation with a Modeling Agency in just 6.5 months after attending the model weekend. She used the agency contact list given to her and signed with the first agency that responded, thanks to the confidence and knowledge she gained during the course.

"I would recommend this to anybody who wants to know how to become a model," says Annette. "It's not always easy to get an agency. You don't always know the requirements, but you learn how to pose, use facial expressions, and have a good learning experience with this course." Annette's success story is a testament to the power of building confidence and gaining knowledge in pursuing one's dreams.


Finding Success Outside of Agencies: Emilio Chavez's Modeling Journey

Emilio Chavez had always dreamed of becoming a model, but he struggled with his walk and poses. Despite attending a few auditions, he failed to book any jobs until he attended Skylar Modeling Camp. The two-day course taught him everything he needed to know about modeling, from posing and walking to building confidence and pursuing a career in the industry.

After attending the camp, Emilio was able to secure his first job with a cleaning company within a month. He then used the strategies he learned at Skylar Modeling to market himself directly to clients on platforms that did not require an agency. Thanks to the stunning photos he took during the camp, Emilio was quickly approved and soon started booking more jobs.

Reflecting on his experience, Emilio said, "I was approved right away thanks to the photos. This course is needed for people considering modeling."

He also noted that the camp was the most fun he had since quarantine, and he highly recommends it to anyone who wants to pursue a modeling career. In just a few months, Emilio went from struggling to book any modeling jobs to becoming a booked model. By investing in his education and applying the strategies he learned, he was able to turn his dreams into a reality. Emilio’s story shows that with hard work, dedication, and the right training, anyone can achieve their goals.


Dreanne's Journey from Inexperience to Signed Model

Dreanne had always been interested in modeling but had no prior experience. After coming across Skylar Modeling on Instagram, she decided to take the plunge and attend our modeling camp. She was excited to learn how to walk and pose and to experience a model photoshoot.


During the camp, Dreanne learned valuable insights about the modeling industry and how to get herself out there. She left feeling confident and prepared to pursue her dream of becoming a model. In just three months after attending the camp, Dreanne received an offer from a top modeling agency.

Reflecting on her journey, Dreanne said, "Learning that when you get rejected, that it is not personal towards you. That it’s just not what they are looking for, not that you are ugly or a bad model." This was one of the most valuable insights she gained from Skylar Modeling, which helped her navigate the ups and downs of the modeling industry.

Dreanne’s success story is a testament to the power of education and preparation. By investing in herself and taking the time to learn from industry experts, she was able to achieve her dream of becoming a signed model. Her journey serves as an inspiration to anyone who wants to pursue their passion in the modeling industry.

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