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My name is Joel Ramirez, and I'm a model living in New York City. I just want to tell you guys about my experience with Skylar Modeling. So real quick, what was the reason for me attending the camp? Well, for obvious reasons, I wanted to be a model for a long time. It has been a long time dream of mine. Since I was a little kid, I used to grow up watching all the model shows and stuff, and it was just something that I felt in my bones that I really wanted to do. So when I met Dennis and Oksana, I was already a model for a few years. I was freelancing a lot. I still haven't had my chance to dabble with agencies. So I really didn't know all the wealth and plethora of information that I was signing up for when I went to their camp. I'm really happy with how streamlined everything was.
Because when I walked into the camp, I got this model book that it had a plethora of information. And I think it's really great because I think as an aspiring model, when I was younger, I wish I would've had a manual like this. This is my holy grail guys. What advice I would give to aspiring models, guys, it would be to come into the camp and give it 100%. Nobody's here to laugh at you. Nobody's here to make fun of you. We are literally all here because we all have the same goals. And that is because we want to be successful in the modeling industry. So I would say, come in with your energy open, be ready to just move. Don't just be that person that comes and sits down and just watches everything. Like actually come in, participate. You are not going to regret it.
That boost of confidence you're going to have at the end of these two days, it's going to be well worth all the trouble. As you're getting the chance to meet with a scouting agent, you're getting the chance to get more footage. And the experience itself is so invaluable because you're going to end up having a portfolio that you could use. And through their networks, it's a win-win situation. It's a win-win. Because ever since I met them, within 24 hours, I got signed to a top tier model agency. Within the next two months, I got booked by a really huge client. And I'm going to say it. I got booked by Dior. Yeah, Dior. I got booked to work for Dior within two months. And I got published in a few magazines as well. I've been also working with photographers. Ever since I met Dennis and Oksana, my life has been kind of like a dream. I'm still kind of waking up. So somebody pinch me please.
So at the end of the day, I just can't go on without letting you guys know about this program. This is a great resource. I definitely believe you guys should invest in it, 100%. I have no qualms whatsoever. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Dennis and Oksana. You guys have no idea how much you guys have changed my life. So again, I wish you guys all the success and good luck to all of you guys that decide to move forward. You're going to be starting a new journey, and I think you're going to be very proud of yourself for it. 
Hi, I'm Zelda. I'm 12 years old. I just had the honor and the privilege to attend the weekend camp at the Skylar Modeling School. First of all, I want to give the due respect and huge thanks to the founders of Skylar Modeling, Dennis and Oksana, who are just the most real, honest, hospitable, and hardworking people you could ever imagine to meet in such a competitive industry. Their approach to making sure their weekend camp attendees walk away with learned knowledge of how to pose, walk the runway, use facial expressions, and how to navigate the modeling industry, including self promotion, social media use, is unparalleled and above reproach.
During the first day of camp, Oksana and Dennis taught us, not just by telling us how things work in the industry, but rather everything was taught by physical example. Let me just say that this was the first time I received an actual face to face training on how to flow in front of the camera.
The second day of camp, I was ready with the knowledge from the previous intensive training day to do my best for the professional high fashion photo shoot Oksana and Dennis had booked for us. And what a day it was. The experience is still lingering with me as the experience itself exceeded any expectations I could have had. I felt the actual experience and the emotions of what a real high fashion photo shoot would be like. The makeup and hair artists, the stylist, the photographer, and the videographer were all top notch industry professionals. And the results are phenomenal. And to round it all up, to be able to have a casting with a real agent was a dream come true.
I highly recommend anyone interested in starting out in this highly competitive industry to start their journey out with Skylar Modeling because this is as real as it gets. And there are so many aspects one needs to know in order to become successful. And want to start out with the people who do not sit behind the desks but who are real models. Real industry professionals, have the background to prove it and just the most honest and pleasant human beings anyone could ever dream working with.
Dennis and Oksana, I cannot thank you enough for your vision and diligence in bringing it to life. Thanks to you, I feel confident and inspired because now I have the knowledge and the skills to succeed in making my dreams come true.

Hi, my name is Ruby and the Skylar Modeling experience was great. I learnt how to walk, I learnt how to pose and it really just boosted my confidence for the modeling world. So, I'm really excited to see what the modeling world has to offer.
I just cannot speak highly enough about the experience. Initially, I was very worried. I didn't know much about the industry, and I know that there's a lot of scams going on, but I feel very empowered, just very comfortable and they've been supportive the whole way through.
The results are amazing. Definitely starting with just the confidence training and that really just propelled me to take this experience. I tend to be a little bit more introverted. And so this is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I'm so excited. It's such an amazing feeling, especially being in hair, makeup and outfit.
Well, we've practiced runway and believe it or not, I thought that was going to be my least favorite, but it's my favorite. I enjoy it so much. We learned four different types of runway walks and it's just an amazing feeling to be on the runway with my fellow models. It's just an amazing experience being in sync, working together, making sure that you're in line with each other.
My advice would be to absolutely go for it. You can always try. If it doesn't work out, at least you tried. But if you don't try, you're always going to regret. You're always going to wonder what if. And I almost backed out of attending Skylar Modeling School and I am so 100% happy that I attended.

Hi everyone. My name is Neha, and I live in New York. All I can say for Skylar is that they're amazing. I attended the in person bootcamp last month, and my experience was beyond incredible, because I learned so much. So many tips and strategies that I'm not implementing it out in the real world. And guess what? Within a month, I'm getting separate casting calls, as well as calls from different agencies. So, this is the outcome of when you attend the camp. And also the co-founders, both Oksana and Dennis are highly professional people, because they not only help you while you attend the camp, but even after. You can always reach out to them, send them a quick email, and they're there by your side, supporting you, making sure that you have what you need to get out there in this industry.
I highly, highly recommend them. And if you're an aspiring model, or only a model in the industry, check them out, it's well worth it. And today I can say it confidently, I am so happy that I invested those two days in my life, completely worth it. And they'll always be my memory. I hope this video help, and good luck to all the candidates, who are trying to get themselves out there. Goodbye

Hey guys. So I wanted to share my experience with you attending Skylar Modeling. Going into the two day bootcamp, I expected to learn a lot, but I didn't expect the environment to be so friendly and loving. Oksana and Dennis are just incredible people. They're genuine. And the outcome of the two day bootcamp was phenomenal. It was life changing and transformative for me. I went in not having much confidence, not knowing anything about the modeling industry. And after leaving the two day bootcamp, I ended up signing within 24 hours and gaining so much knowledge about the industry that gave me the confidence I needed. So I definitely recommend Skylar Modeling. If you haven't tried them out yet, give them a shot.

Hello everyone. My name is Jason and I was one of the attendees at Skylar Modeling School. I must say that before I attended the school, I was scammed. I had to pay a lot of money to get my portfolios done, but when I got to Skylar Modeling School, I found a family. I found a team in which I can put my trust in. Not only did I have an insight about the requirements of the industry and how to survive it, I also learned how to walk on the runway the proper way and how to never run out of movements when posing in a photo shoot. So, if you are an aspiring model, this is the message for you, sign up, get ready for adventure.
I personally never thought that I will get signed in 48 hours, but I did. After 48 hours, I got signed thanks to the help and the aid and the instructions of Skylar Modeling camp. So, please, if you really want to make modeling your career, this is your cue. Get in there, get in there, sign up. And I totally recommend this program for aspiring models and models who are already in the industry. It's always good to have that extra info from top models like Dennis and Oksana. See ya.

Hello, my name is Ajara. I just wanted to make a quick video explaining my personal experiences with Skylar Modeling. Okay, so when I first got there, I was nervous. Everybody was. I got past that and it was easy for me to get past that because Oksana and Dennis really helped me feel comfortable around them, and the other people who were there as well, they were easy to talk to. I didn't feel uncomfortable around them either. The whole experience of being in that studio in front of all these big lights and stuff was easier than it would've been if people weren't as talkative, I suppose.
Before we actually got on our clothes, we did the makeup and stuff. And I personally had never even worn makeup before, so it was just like a really new experience for me, but I didn't feel uncomfortable the entire time. Actually it was a good experience for me because everybody there was just helping me out, telling me how good I looked. It was all a confidence thing, and the people there were really hopeful with that.
With the actual photo shoot, I had never walked in heels before. It was my first time doing that as well. And everybody there was really helpful teaching me how to stand properly, how to walk properly for the runway, and that was nice. Hearing everybody applauding me and cheering me on and telling me how good I looked, it gave me that confidence to put on a face for the camera and look my best.
She was helping everybody step by step with the walking, the positioning, the poses, the amount of flow that you had when you were actually in front of the camera. And I really appreciate that.
I just really want to thank you both for allowing me to even experience this because I am very quiet. I'm very, to myself, I'm very kept, so going out there and being in front of all these people, dressing up and being in front of the camera was just an amazing experience for me, and I really appreciate you guys for allowing me to be a part of it. Thank you.

Hi, my name is Irina and I am the mom of Zelda. She's an aspiring model, only 12 years old, who just attended the weekend camp presented by Skylar Modeling. I highly and I repeat highly recommend anyone trying to break into modeling, you absolutely must sign up for this course because no matter how much you research and read about getting a proper contract, getting the correct portfolio images, chances are that you will be taken advantage of just like the majority of people who are trying to do this on their own. I just want to say that prior to attending this camp, neither my daughter, nor I knew Oksana or Dennis in any personal capacity. But as soon as we signed up, I realized that we have met two people who do not just give persuasive advertising videos for their business but rather they truly care about helping young people get a clear understanding of what it really takes to succeed in this business and not get taken advantage of.
Before giving this review, I was first hand given an absolute, honest and straightforward approach as to what Skylar Modeling is all about without any unrealistic promises that many agencies make. My daughter, Zelda, and I love to watch as many times as we need all the material we got upon signing. Everything from beginning to end is clearly described in the most simple way possible so that my daughter and I, and she's only 12 years old as I said, understands all of it. We only started out a few months ago but we were already misled, unfortunately, a couple of times by mediocre agents who try to take advantage of us being novices in this business.
There really aren't enough positive words in the English language that I can use to describe our personal experience with Skylar Modeling and of course, in particular, with Oksana and Dennis. Honest, straightforward, dedicated, reliable, hardworking professionals to the max. This is what you get when you give yourself a real chance to succeed by signing for the Skylar Modeling course. My daughter, Zelda and I, we feel so very lucky to have met Oksana and Dennis, especially this early on in my daughter's career because based on our recent past experience of being taken advantage of morally and financially, we now have a clear understanding and vision and ideas of what is real and what are just empty promises. They taught us everything we needed to know, all of the skills and given us detailed knowledge of what to do next step by step. We love their program because we have the tools we need to move forward and get Zelda signed, get my daughter real modeling work and feel super confident that we have the proper knowledge to navigate the business.
And last but not least, I want to thank both Oksana and Dennis for assembling such a professional and most of all, fun and pleasant team of professional photographers, videographers, hair and makeup artists and fashion stylists. Zelda had an absolute blessed and she's still walking on clouds because the photos are absolutely stunning. And we just know that with these images, worthy of a professional portfolio, everything and more will happen for Zelda. I was there behind the scenes to it all. And I must truly say that Oksana and Dennis did not miss any detail however small. Everything was well prepared far in advance. Every single moment was meticulously thought through so that the weekend camp would truly end in success. And that is exactly what we got. 100% successful outcome. I only wish that I knew of Skylar Modeling and Oksana and Dennis when we first started out. Believe me when I tell you we would have been saved from and spared a lot of loss, both moral and financial.
So, if this is something that you truly want, give yourself a real chance. And don't even think about it, just sign up and watch the magic happen.

My name is Jade and I'm from Long Island, New York. And I did Skylar Modeling because I wanted to help with my future. And what I liked about it was I liked the runway part and the confidence class.
Hello everyone. My name is Sarahy and in this opportunity, I want to talk to you about my personal experience with the Skylar Modeling school. I was afraid when I start thinking about take the in-person camp here in New York because I didn't want to get any scams or pay money to get anything at all, but when I met Oksana and Dennis, they brought me all the confidence that I needed for this camp, and it was amazing. It was one of the best experience that I haven't had before. With them, with the Skylar Modeling, you can learn about styles, about makeup. Not just of that. If not, you can also learn about runway, how to pose in front of camera, and how to be confident. I will remember for life all the words that they told me, and they both were so friends and so happy to answer any questions that you had, which is great.
After you finish your camp, they will give you everything, like portfolio, digitals, and everything that you need. After that, you will have videos, and you can check the videos and get more information after you finish your camp, and they will bring you all the tools that you need to start in the modeling career. I invite all the girls and even boys, too, when you want to start in your modeling career, please go to Skylar Modeling. Oksana and Dennis, they both are great person, and it was amazing. My experience with them, it was amazing.

Hi, my name is Mykaila and today I want to share how the Skylar online modeling program impacted me. It honestly taught me so much and I'm truly grateful more than I can express how grateful I am that I got the opportunity to do the online program. Some things that it taught me with self confidence. It taught me a lot about the modeling industry that I did not know. Most people think the modeling industry is just, oh, taking pictures. It's simple. It's really not.
Why I say the modeling industry isn't really simple is because there will be situations where your confidence will get shot down because photographers won't want you for their photo shoot and just stuff like that. But that's what the program teaches you is it's all about your mindset. It really is, your confidence, your mindset. You have to be strong willed. You have to be dedicated.
Basically what I'm trying to say is always have a positive outlook on things, even though it may not seem like it's going in a positive direction. Like I said, that's one thing, main thing, that they taught me is you have to be strong willed and dedicated. Don't give up. Do not give up. Just because you get shot down by one client, keep going, because you'll be perfect for another client.
Another thing that they said on the program is, "Looks don't guarantee your success." Your personality and how you connect with other people is what guarantees your success, and you not giving up. And that really stuck with me because that's true. Just because you're pretty doesn't mean they're going to like you. If you're pretty and you have a ugly attitude, or you're not strong willed, you're not dedicated as you say you are, you're not going to get as far as you think you are.
And so I highly recommend the Skylar Modeling online program. I promise you it will be worth it. It teaches you way more. I only gave y'all a little bit on what it taught me, but it teaches you way more like modeling poses, how to connect with modeling agencies, teaches you about your confidence, what you need to know. So I highly recommend it. Y'all definitely should go buy the program. I absolutely loved it and again, I'm super grateful and appreciative and I'm ready. I feel so excited to start my modeling journey and continue it.

Hi, my name is Carolina. I joined Skylar Modeling because I wanted to gain more confidence, and I did. I really liked the runway walk.
Hi, my name is Rossy and I wanted to tell you about my experience with Skylar Modeling. I went to the two day September camp and I have to say from the moment I walked into the last steps I took out, I knew that I had made my right choice when picking an agency to help me in my first steps of becoming a model. Oksana and Dennis have created a wonderful experience. Not only does it teach you the first steps that you need to take to become a model but they also emphasize community. That was something that I wasn't even thinking about when I was looking for a place to start my career. The fact that they really emphasize not only getting to know other models, but supporting other models and rooting for other models is something that I am so happy I was able to experience. The two days that I spent there with the different women that I was able to model right next to was an eye opener.
I really loved that they really wanted us to get to know each other and to watch each other so that we could learn from each other. Like Oksana says, it is a privilege to watch a model walk down the runway. Their team is amazing. Everyone from the hair and makeup department who's going to look at all your beautiful attributes and enhance those attributes with their wonderful skills to the photographer who's going to get you moving and loose so that she can get the perfect shot. I have to say it was an amazing experience for me. I would love to work with Skylar Modeling again and I cannot wait to see with all of the skills that I've learned, all the advice that Oksana has given me and all the support that I get from Skylar Modeling is going to bring into my life. I know a hundred percent that with everything that I've been taught in this camp, I am going to be able to walk the first steps of my modeling career and enhance it as far as I wanted to go.
So, do yourself a favor. Head over to Skylar Modeling, look at their Facebook account, look at their Instagram, definitely check out their TikTok. And make sure that you know that this company is going to be there for you. This company is not just going to teach you what you need to learn and then let you go after two days. This company is going to be there to support you, to build a community, to build a community under Skylar Modeling. So, I cannot wait for you to experience the amazing, amazing tutelage under Oksana and the amazing environment and experience that Skylar Modeling has created. Do yourself a favor and do even more research if you want but I have to tell you, you're probably not going to find a better place. Enjoy and good luck on your modeling career. I cannot wait to see what mine is going to bring me and all because Skylar Modeling is the place to be when it comes to finding out what your first steps in modeling is and to build a community of other models that you will be able to fall back on should you ever have a moment of disillusionment in the modeling world.
Thanks again, guys. I really appreciated everything that you did for me. And I hope that one day we get to work together again. You're amazing. Bye.

Hello, Toby here. I just want to talk about my experience with Skylar Modeling agency. They've been a big help to me in my career. I had no idea what to do before. Because I wanted to start modeling, I didn't know what to do, and they really light the way for me. It was a great experience. I wasn't expecting anything like that. I wasn't expecting it at all, but they really proved me wrong. Now I know what I need to know. I know to get my portfolio ready. I know how to get into the industry. I know when an agency is trying to scam me, I know everything I need to know. It is full details. Everything I need to know, everything they told me is full details. And I just can't express my gratitude to Skylar Modeling. And I really want say thank you to Oksana, Davis, and every other person there. I just want to say thank you for helping me in every way. And I can't wait to see you guys in the industry. Thank you.

Hello, everyone, I'm Dana. And today I want to share you my experience with Skylar Modeling team. I am from new generation model management in the Netherlands. And I had an opportunity to do a two hour class with Oksana and Dennis and the Skylar Modeling team. And I just wanted to share the experience I had with them. First of all, I really, really enjoyed the class. It was really, really good for me to get my confidence back and to really learn how to pose and to walk on the runway.

So that was a big Go Pro for me. I really had a very good time. This week, I actually had a very busy week. I was running from casting to casting, and today I need to go again. But because of the Skylar Modeling team, Oksana, and Dennis I'm full of confidence and I know I'm going to kill that runway walk. Thank you so much, guys. You learned a lot to me.

Hi, I am Dreanne Joseph I'm from Southampton. And I saw Skylar modeling camp on Instagram and I thought it was really fun. I wanted to try it because growing up people always say, Oh, you should try modeling. So I thought this would be a good opportunity, but I also wanted to like, learn how to do things before I just walk in. And the people are really, really nice. It's a lot of fun. And the other girls and guys that were here are super nice and they gave me tips because I, they came for one day, but its defiantly a blast.
I'm Xiomara I came from the Bronx. I came to this camp to learn how to model, I learned how to pose. I learned my special angles. This camp gave me digitals. I received photographs of myself, very, very nice photographs. This camp did a lot for me and I hope it takes me somewhere.
Hi, I'm Ellis, and I learned so much with Skylar Modeling. I was taught how to walk and pose like a model and how to present myself in the modeling industry. Both Oksana and Dennis are so kind and patient with me and everybody else. In this camp, I was able to gain some confidence and some new friends. I definitely recommend Skylar Modeling to aspiring models just like me.
To any aspiring models out there looking to test the waters, I highly recommend Skylar Modeling School. They thoroughly prepare you on how to walk, pose and navigate the modeling industry. The best part of attending the school is the team of experience professionals that you get to work and network with. Skylar Modeling School not only teaches you on how to model, but they help you to create a portfolio which you can then send to modeling agencies. I had no prior modeling experience prior to attending Skylar Modeling School, and I almost backed out, but I'm glad I stuck to my guns.
It was and will continue to be one of the best experiences of my life. A special thank you to Dennis and Oksana Jager and Monica Boroska.
"Along with their guidance, they taught me how to walk like models, present myself appropriately, and how to market myself in this industry. This course greatly impacted me as a person, along with my future career in this industry. I highly recommend this course to freelance models." - Morgan
Hi, I'm Lauryn. I am eighteen years old. I'm from Walla Walla, Washington. I just went through the Skylar modeling class, well camp, in New York. I flew all the way here. Um, a few things I have to say about it are it's very personalized. Like we started out day one breaking down our runway walks. There were only seven of us. So we really got one on one time and we went through our walks and definitely coming in today. I'm more confident in my walk and then we've worked on poses and really bringing emotion and bringing what's inside of you. And I just think that it was a great experience and it's really brought me a long way in my confidence and where I see myself going in the industry and the way I view the industry. So. [thumbs up]
Hi, my name is Emilio. I am from Colorado originally, and I'm living here in Brooklyn, New York. I came to Skylar modeling to gain more confidence in my walk because that was not strong and learn from models themselves. It was fun. I'm really happy about this experience and I recommend anyone who is interested. Don't hesitate.
Hello, my name is Annette I am from Kenya and now I live in New York. My experience in this modeling camp has helped me with my confidence, learn how to walk, learn how to do poses. And I really recommend this for anybody that's trying to get into modeling.
Hi, Skylar. My name's Maria and I'm 12. My parents bought me your online modeling course for Christmas, and I would like to thank you. I wasn't feeling very confident, but now I know that I can be a model if I want to be. I've been practicing in my parents' hallway and now I'm ready to get started. Skylar, your program is excellent. I've even started my own Instagram account. Thank you for opening up the door.
I'm Milou and I learned some amazing tips and tricks during these lessons. I learned to step a little out of my comfort zone and to move constantly while posing for the camera. I also learned how to walk when you're on a runway, straight line, natural flow, head up and bigger steps than normally. This lesson really helps a lot. Thank you so much.

Hi, my name is Stephanie Aquino. I am 32 years old, a mother of four. I live in [Rhode Island]. I just wanted to let you know that, Skylar Modeling, sorry, is one of the most amazing modern classes I have ever been a part of. Um, I came away to New York to be a part of this opportunity. It has made me change my mindset about the modeling agency, about the modeling world, having a career, I have learned so much from Dennis and his wife Oksana Jager. They are so amazing. The tools, materials, everything that I have learned this weekend has made me a better person. And I completely look forward to continuing my career in the modeling world and learning so much more from everything that I have learned this weekend. It has made me just 10 steps more than what I was before I came here on Friday.
So if you are interested in modeling, if you have thought about it or don't know how to start, definitely check out Skylar Modeling. They are in New York. They do have, um, I believe other classes and other, um, places. Um, so definitely look into them wherever they're close to you or whatever is good for you or benefits you. I really, really recommend them. You will learn so much and you will not regret your decision on applying for Skylar, Skylar Modeling. And it's just a really good opportunity. You get to meet casting directors, photoshoots, learning about posing, um, runway walking. It's just so beneficial, and I am so happy and blessed that I had this opportunity. I really hope you make the decision on having an opportunity with them as well. Thank you so much and enjoy it.
The creators. They're one of the most kindhearted people, and the most caring, and intelligent, and very experienced in the business. I think they've... And the fact that they understand the negative sides and how people can be scammed or used, it's very important that there are people like this, because they want to help people and have one safe community to prepare upcoming models, to put them out into the industry, and help them, give them the push that they need, and the help that they need. I got signed with them, and I got signed with two other agencies through them. They honestly the most caring people, they truly put their heart and soul into this. And I think that's very important when you're starting a business.
I learned a lot, different poses, the way to put my face, the emotions, and how to walk the runway. I feel amazing. I feel good. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and it was a great experience for me meeting with the other girls. Yeah, I think I'm ready. This experience just made me feel like I am, because I had to do this in front of all these people and I'm actually a shy person. But then I think I broke that today. I had an amazing time. I thank you for the opportunity and this interview as well. Makes me feel like a star.
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