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Hello, everyone, I'm Dana. And today I want to share you my experience with Skylar Modeling team. I am from new generation model management in the Netherlands. And I had an opportunity to do a two hour class with Oksana and Dennis and the Skylar Modeling team. And I just wanted to share the experience I had with them. First of all, I really, really enjoyed the class. It was really, really good for me to get my confidence back and to really learn how to pose and to walk on the runway.

So that was a big Go Pro for me. I really had a very good time. This week, I actually had a very busy week. I was running from casting to casting, and today I need to go again. But because of the Skylar Modeling team, Oksana, and Dennis I'm full of confidence and I know I'm going to kill that runway walk. Thank you so much, guys. You learned a lot to me.

Hi, I am Dreanne Joseph I'm from Southampton. And I saw Skylar modeling camp on Instagram and I thought it was really fun. I wanted to try it because growing up people always say, Oh, you should try modeling. So I thought this would be a good opportunity, but I also wanted to like, learn how to do things before I just walk in. And the people are really, really nice. It's a lot of fun. And the other girls and guys that were here are super nice and they gave me tips because I, they came for one day, but its defiantly a blast.
I'm Xiomara I came from the Bronx. I came to this camp to learn how to model, I learned how to pose. I learned my special angles. This camp gave me digitals. I received photographs of myself, very, very nice photographs. This camp did a lot for me and I hope it takes me somewhere.
"Along with their guidance, they taught me how to walk like models, present myself appropriately, and how to market myself in this industry. This course greatly impacted me as a person, along with my future career in this industry. I highly recommend this course to freelance models." - Morgan
Hi, I'm Lauryn. I am eighteen years old. I'm from Walla Walla, Washington. I just went through the Skylar modeling class, well camp, in New York. I flew all the way here. Um, a few things I have to say about it are it's very personalized. Like we started out day one breaking down our runway walks. There were only seven of us. So we really got one on one time and we went through our walks and definitely coming in today. I'm more confident in my walk and then we've worked on poses and really bringing emotion and bringing what's inside of you. And I just think that it was a great experience and it's really brought me a long way in my confidence and where I see myself going in the industry and the way I view the industry. So. [thumbs up]
Hi, my name is Emilio. I am from Colorado originally, and I'm living here in Brooklyn, New York. I came to Skylar modeling to gain more confidence in my walk because that was not strong and learn from models themselves. It was fun. I'm really happy about this experience and I recommend anyone who is interested. Don't hesitate.
Hello, my name is Annette I am from Kenya and now I live in New York. My experience in this modeling camp has helped me with my confidence, learn how to walk, learn how to do poses. And I really recommend this for anybody that's trying to get into modeling.
I'm Milou and I learned some amazing tips and tricks during these lessons. I learned to step a little out of my comfort zone and to move constantly while posing for the camera. I also learned how to walk when you're on a runway, straight line, natural flow, head up and bigger steps than normally. This lesson really helps a lot. Thank you so much.

Hi, my name is Stephanie Aquino. I am 32 years old, a mother of four. I live in [Rhode Island]. I just wanted to let you know that, Skylar Modeling, sorry, is one of the most amazing modern classes I have ever been a part of. Um, I came away to New York to be a part of this opportunity. It has made me change my mindset about the modeling agency, about the modeling world, having a career, I have learned so much from Dennis and his wife Oksana Jager. They are so amazing. The tools, materials, everything that I have learned this weekend has made me a better person. And I completely look forward to continuing my career in the modeling world and learning so much more from everything that I have learned this weekend. It has made me just 10 steps more than what I was before I came here on Friday.
So if you are interested in modeling, if you have thought about it or don't know how to start, definitely check out Skylar Modeling. They are in New York. They do have, um, I believe other classes and other, um, places. Um, so definitely look into them wherever they're close to you or whatever is good for you or benefits you. I really, really recommend them. You will learn so much and you will not regret your decision on applying for Skylar, Skylar Modeling. And it's just a really good opportunity. You get to meet casting directors, photoshoots, learning about posing, um, runway walking. It's just so beneficial, and I am so happy and blessed that I had this opportunity. I really hope you make the decision on having an opportunity with them as well. Thank you so much and enjoy it.
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