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Written by Dennis Jager
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When we usually talk about models, we talk about the top runway model, who appears on the covers of prestigious magazines and do runway shows for Victoria Secret. They work for the most exclusive designers, receiving 7-figure paychecks and get a lot of media attention. None the less, the modeling industry is a broad industry with good-paying jobs for any type of model, either large or small with unique features or with the girl next door look. 


The first step in finding the right agency for you would be determining which type of model you are and then find agencies that specialize in that category.

It is possible that you fall into multiple categories, and it is also very true that you can become successful even if you are shorter than the industry standard. Kate Moss is a perfect example of breaking through, even she actually is a ‘petite’ model. Therefore, understand that the below descriptions is not something written in stone, but rather use it as guidelines to get started.


  • Editorial Model: is tall and skinny with unique facial characteristics. Between 5’9” - 6’, bust 33”, waist 23”, hips 33”. Editorial can also do the runway walk. 
  • ​Runway Model: Most of the time an editorial is considered runway model.
  •  Commercial Models: Usually, the “girl/boy next door” look of any age, size or height.
  •  Plus Size Models: By size rather than exact measurements, such as size 10 and up. Most plus size are bust 36" to 42", waist 26" to 32", hips 36" 45", and weigh 140 to 170 lbs.
  •  Petite Models: Have pretty features and are up to 5' 7" tall.
  •  Child: Are up to 12 years any size and height with lots of personality.
  •  Underwear Model: Are the curvier and more voluptuous than the editorial. 
  •  Glamour Models: Are curvier than editorial models. Glamour refers to their posing in pictures: more sexually suggestive or alluring than what a fashion model would do. More geared to the male audience, appearance in playboy, etc.
  •  Fitness Models: Are very athletic, fit and toned. They are often commercial as well.
  •  Fitting Models: Not to get confused with fitness, fit models work behind the scenes in fashion houses and with garment manufacturers. They make sure that sizing and fit are maintained in the clothing manufacturing process. Any size and height, depending on the designer and the market that they selling. 
  •  Part Models have beautiful hands, feet, legs, and eyes to showcase specific items.
  •  Promotional: Promote products or services at trade shows, conventions, and live events.
  •  Mature Models: 30+ years of age can work well into their 90's! Mature models are considered commercial and can do everything a commercial model can do. 

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There are many different types of models out there, knowing to which type of modeling you belong to is the first step in becoming a model.

Next step is to look for model agencies near me that have your model type for the highest chances of getting signed. The modeling classes that we offer help aspiring models gain the knowledge from the model coaches. Learn how to runway walk, how to pose with photoshoots and get amazing images for you comp card and model portfolio! 

You will get digitals that you can send to your model agencies near you, get to know what to wear as a model to a casting and what to expect. Learn how to stay confident and get to know all the modeling tips that we share during the 2-full days of modeling classes!

If you are interested in launching your career to the next level, or simply just want to know how to get into modeling, then contact us regarding the modeling classes.

As a model, you can be ingenious and explore the different areas of the fashion industry. Some models experiment with one specialized category, while others try out multiple types of modelling. Here is another great resource to read on types of models.

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