Modeling is a great profession and to become a model is a dream for many. However, the modeling industry has the highest rejection rate, but successful models know how to deal with it and thrive within it! 

This article will teach you about Things You Need to Know if You Want to Become a Model. 

Things You Need to Know if You Want to Become a Model

Tips And Useful Modeling Advice To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Career In The Fashion World. 

Speak to REAL models!
You need to speak to professional industry models to understand and learn everything about modeling. They know what it is like to get signed to a modeling agency, book modeling jobs, and work for clients on set. They have experienced rejection and have hurt negative feedback about their appearance. They have been scammed, taken advantage of, and found their way to success. To truly understand what modeling is about, speak to REAL models!
Get an agent
A model that an agency represents will have a continuous flow of new castings and appointments come in. Usually, these will be clients with a significant budget allowing you to earn a steady income!

Freelance models are responsible for sourcing their clients and castings, which is time-consuming. Most of the time, brands will go straight to modeling agencies where they are sure they can get the models they require.

However, many brands don't want to spend 40% on agencies to book models, allowing freelance models to pick up the clients outside the agencies. You must watch out for many things when booking modeling gigs on your own. Going with an agency is always the safer route.

Before applying to an agency, you should first research the agencies to which you would like to apply. Then, check out their boards, reviews, and social media platforms before sending them anything. Then, if everything seems great, it's time to apply!
Book a Photoshoot 
Applying to agencies is very competitive, there are thousands of other aspiring models wanting to get signed and book jobs. How are you going to stand out? - Have a photoshoot with outstanding images!

Book a photoshoot that makes your portfolio stand out and grabs the agencies' attention, better yet. Have a photoshoot published in a magazine to get a headstart on your competition -
the best photoshoot and publication services can be found here!

Not every photographer will give you the quality photoshoot you need to get scouted by agencies. Unfortunately, 90% of the photographers don't have the expertise to shoot models for the best agencies, and 5% will be too expensive, leaving you only a handful of selected photographers to choose from.
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Create A Portfolio That Agencies Love
Agencies are picky in choosing their models; knowing how to put a great model portfolio together will help you look professional and ready to be signed! Make sure you have variety in your book; use different lighting, outfits, hair and makeup, and in general different moods. Your portfolio shouldn't look like one photoshoot; the more variety, the better!
You May Enroll In A Modeling School
Aspiring models can benefit from enrolling in a modeling school or taking modeling classes to gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of what the modeling career entails, such as-:
  • How to start a modeling career?
  • Learn about photo portfolios.
  • ​Gain knowledge on posing or walking the runway.
  • And how to develop their own personal image.
  • ​Get outstanding portfolio images
Don't Hide Your Personality And Be Nice
You are going to have difficult time landing gigs, regardless of how lovely you are, if you are suffering from a case of what Butts refers to as "pretty girl syndrome." This is when a person has a personality that is either non-existent or, even worse, an entitled disposition. Butts encourages the models he works with to interact with each and every member of the crew, from the assistants to the designer, by going around the set and introducing themselves. If you make an effort to get along with every member of the team, it will go a long way toward making your clients think of you as someone they would like to collaborate with again.

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Recognize The Qualities That Set You Apart
Being a model requires you to place an extreme emphasis on your physical appearance. However, it is impossible to predict what qualities other people will find attractive in you. The world of modeling is full of rejection. And it's easy to take that rejection personally because there's so much of it. You must always keep in mind that you have something special to contribute that no one else does. To increase your chances of becoming a successful model, it is important to portray oneself as an assured individual.

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