5 Modeling Tips For A Great First Impression
Written by Dennis Jager
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If you are going to agencies, appointments, clients or castings, it's important to have a great first impression. Sometimes you only have 1 minute with the client or model manager, and it can take even less than a minute for them to decide to work with you, or not.

I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients and model manager around the world and I have asked them, what it is that makes them decide to work with a model or not. These clients see hundreds of modeling portfolio books and need to make a decision on which person they want to work with.

Obviously, the look is important, but what stayed with me most was the first impression. They told me that sometimes they see hundreds of models, maybe someone has a better look than the other, but if the other had an amazing overall first impression, then they are more likely to book that person, even if it's not the ideal look they were looking for.

Here are 5 modeling tips for a better first impression that you can use directly:


​Practice your handshake and greeting
  • Practice your handshake and greeting 
​Make eye contact
  • Make eye contact
​Make an connection and not an impression
  • Make an connection and not an impression
​Use your sense of humor
  • Use your sense of humor
  • Smile
It's important to always try to be yourself, clients and model manager are looking for unique people, being yourself with great energy is very important. 

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