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How To Book Modeling Jobs As A Freelance Model?
Written by Dennis Jager
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Freelance models ask us often how to book modeling jobs and how to stay consistently busy in an unpredictable industry. If you not that far yet, I suggest reading this blog first: how to become a model.

Are jobs solely based on your looks and sizes? The short answer is no. It’s not just your look or measurements. There are multiple things you can do personally to increase your chances of getting jobs. I’ve put together a few modeling tips and tricks for the aspiring and freelance model that is looking for ways to improve your jobs. While looks and sizes are important as a model, it’s not that it will guarantee a fully booked schedule. 




MODELING TIPS #1 - Bring your personality to the photoshoots!

Freelance modeling can be very competitive, and you can make a difference by bringing your A-game personality to set. Casting directors will book a beautiful personality model over a model with “better” looks but with a bad attitude. During photoshoots, you will be working with a team, and everyone wants to have fun and have a good day; this will also translate into the photos. Try to stay present, don’t be too much on your phone, interact with the people, and show interest in them. Be polite and be patient if you have to sit down while they are building the set. 

Everyone on set is essential, most are freelancers and will work on different projects in the future, and assistants can become photographers, any one of them can recommend you in the future photoshoots and help you get modeling jobs.

MODELING TIPS #2: Don’t Take Rejection Personally!

If you didn’t book a particular modeling job, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you. Sometimes you are not the right look for this specific job; it can be your hair color, height, size, or even your eye color. Whatever the reason, don’t take it personally nor let it bring you down.
As mentioned in Tip #1, personality helps you getting modeling jobs. It will also help you with booking your new jobs, staying vibrant, energized, and with a positive outlook is key to getting booked. Knowing that rejection is part of the job and that it will happen, no matter how good of a model you are, will help you set your self free and be the best possible version that you can be. 

 MODELING TIPS #3: Stay on top of their minds!

When a freelance model forgets to do this, in this day and age, it can hurt their career and it’s easier to stay in touch with people that you have worked with through the use of social media, than ever before! Follow the people on social media, like their content, and comment on their uploads. Make sure you stay active on your social media so that you will pop up on their feed as well. This will keep you on the tops of their minds, and when there will be new upcoming modeling jobs, the chances are higher for you to be rebooked, its easier to sell yourself to an existing client than acquire a new client.

Your agency and your model manager will always propose you to new clients, to upcoming jobs and they will negotiate your rate, it’s up to you to bring your personality and social communication skills to the game. This is very important for the longevity of your career. It’s hard work, but with enough dedication, you will build up a positive reputation that helps to keep your career growing steadily and surely.

If you are a freelance model and you have any questions regarding your jobs or would like to know anything regarding a specific topic, please reach out via our contact page, and we are happy to hear from you.


Dennis Jager

Dennis Jager is an expert at helping freelance model getting agencies and to grow their career through the model classes.
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