1. When did you start modeling? (How were you discovered?)
I started modeling for my godfather, which is a bridal stylist. I was 17 when I started modeling for him and that’s when I had a chance to have my first runway show, my first photoshoots and all of that. I realized I loved it and then I looked for a good agency in my hometown, which is my mother agent today!

2. Do you remember your first show / shoot?
My first show/ shoot was bridal, so I remember só well how was to put make up on for the first time, to walk in heels (which I didn’t know how to do it yet). I was super shy, but I loved it.

3. What was your first big break in the industry?
I think my first big break was when I moved to nyc and got a huge H&M campaign, I was all over the world!

4. What was your favorite job so far?
I have to say it was the Victoria’s Secret fashion show because it was so memorable , I remember every single moment of it. I was so happy and excited.

5. Who are some of the most memorable creatives you worked with?
There was some jobs that I did, mostly magazines that I love how the mind of the stylists and make up artists work. They were super creative and not scared to creat different stuff, but hard to mention just one.

6. What is your dream modeling job?
Versace campaign ! I’m obsessed with their campaigns since the 90’s!

7. What do you know now and wished you knew when you started modeling?
That I can be myself , not just personality but also the poses I wanna do, the faces , I could’ve been myself since then but I didn’t know I actually could.

8. Who is your inspiration?
I have many inspirations. I think everyone that I know and see online and all of that inspire me somehow.

9. What motivates you every day?
What motivates me everyday is the thought that I came so far for a small town girl from Brazil, I don’t ever wanna disappoint the young Gizele that did everything to me here.

10. What do you think about the state of fashion today? Has your perception of the industry changed over time?
The Fashion industry has changed so much, today is not really about your talent or beauty, is more about the model that can bring more back to the client (meaning followers and actually selling), which I can’t complain because I feel like I’m part of it, but yeah, it has changed completely because of social media.

11. Who would you love to walk a runway show for?
I have to say Versace again, I love their runway shows!

12. How do you think social media impact modeling industry?
Nowadays everyone wants to know who is who and I feel like that’s why social media changed the game. The brands wants to book models that people can relate to or models that they love on social media.

13. What will you regret spending too much or too little on?
I would say I regret spending too little time taking care of my own body, like working out and eating healthy.

14. What was the most important moment in your life? And in your career?
The most important moment of my life was when I decided to be myself and let everyone accept me as I was.

Victoria Secret, Model, Gizele Oliveira

15. What negative experience has made you come out for the better?
I feel like people being negative about the size of my hips, my stretch marks and everything else made me wake up and realize that this is me and I should stop feeling bad about it. If it didn’t bother me it shouldn’t bother anyone else.

16. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in modeling today?
I would say don’t be scared to be yourself, don’t ever try to copy anyone because you love them or think they are doing great. They are doing great because they are unique, and you should be that way also.

17. How do you deal with all the traveling required to be a model? How do you cure jet-lag?
I’m usually pretty good with jet lag, if I’m used to New York time and I go to Europe i try to sleep in the afternoon there until morning of the next day and then I’m good! Sleeping a lot is the key for sure!

18. Where is your favorite place to travel?
Italy! I love the food and I love how beautiful and unique every city is.

19. If you weren't a model, what would you want to do?
Definitely something with fashion, like being a stylist.

20. What do you like to do in your free-time?
On my free time I always try to take some content photos for Instagram, or watch movies, series etc.

21. Are you into healthy and/or Green living
I would say yes I am, but not everyday hahaha

22. Name your 3 favorite brands and why?
Alexander wang, Jacquemus, Chanel. I love them because they came to change the fashion game, specially jacquemus!

23. What are your favorite beauty products?
Lip balm, moisturizer and highlighters!

24. What is your favorite food?
I love healthy food but also Italian and Brazilian which are very heavy.

25. Do you support any Charity?
Yes! I’m all for No Dogs Left Behind. They are a charity that helps save dogs in China from being killed and eaten by the meat trade.

26. What is/describe your personal style
I think I’m always changing , but I love wearing vintage pieces. I’m very into 90s style!

27. Favorite posing tip you learned during your career?
I think I’ve learned the most about posing watching other girls modeling. When I used to work at ASOS everyday we would always share the studio with another model, and it was always a different girl, so I took from each girl what I loved the most and that made me grow so much. I can go from super sexy to super boyish because of that.

28. What's your ultimate goal in life?
Be happy and follow all my dreams.

29. What are your dreams for the future?
My dreams are to be able to visit the places I always wanted to visit, probably have more animals and help as many people I can help.

30. What is your life motto?
It always changes, but for now I’m on “What would Beyoncé do?”.

Victoria Secret Model Gizele Oliveira, become a model
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