Modeling Agencies: Which Agency Is Right For You?
Written by Dennis Jager
Getting great modeling agencies is vital to one's career. Model manager and modeling agencies have a large list of clients requesting talents continuously for upcoming jobs, they will send you out to meet new photographers and clients and they will negotiate the terms and pay for the jobs on your behalf.

To start finding the right modeling agencies for you, you will have to know what type of model you are. In the previous blog post, I have outlined the categories with descriptions. If you don’t know your model type yet, I suggest you read that post first.


  •  High Fashion Editorial Model Agency
    These are the agencies that top models like Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks, and Kendall Jenner are signed with. They operate in the fashion capitals around the world; Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo. 
  • Commercial Modeling Agencies
    They represent all types from petite and plus size to sophisticated models. 
  • ​Petite Model Agency
    Petite's are regularly represented by commercial agencies, there are only a few that hire petite models only. High fashion agencies will also hire petite models if they will fit the right look that they are looking for. Just like Kate Moss, who is a petite, is signed by the best worldwide.
  • ​Plus Size Model Agency
    The plus size modeling industry is now stronger than ever which is good news for top models like Ashley Graham who earned $5.5 million in 1 year as a plus-size. Just like petite models, plus size or curvy models are represented in commercial agencies, the top plus-size models are represented by high fashion.
  • Child Model Agency
    If the agency is larger they  have a child division and there are companies that specialise in child models only. 
  • Male Modeling Agencies
    There are companies that focus on male models only but most represent both female and male models. There is not one better than the other as they both can produce amazing results.
  • Fitness Agency
    Commercial agencies also represent fitness models, there are however companies that focus on fitness models only, they are usually located in the larger markets of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago.
  • Fit Models Agencies
    Its not the same as a fitness model agency. There are companies that are fit model only. Most do have fitting jobs.
The industry has a wide variety of great money paying jobs for any type of model. By selecting which agency fits best with your category, you will have a higher chance to be working continuously. 

You can start by creating a list of local and create a list of agencies in the major fashion cities. You can either try to make an appointment in person or send them an email with your digital snapshots and measurements. You don't need expensive photoshoots to get their attention, snapshots should work fine. They are getting a lot of photo’s send to them each week and sometimes you will not hear anything back. 

Don’t get discouraged, there can be many reasons why they haven't selected you at that moment.Gisele Bundchen was rejected 42 times and is now making over $30 million in 1 year. 

We have put together step by step classes to learn everything from this industry, meet model agencies with full confidence and give your dream a chance! Find more information regarding the modeling school here.

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Dennis Jager

Dennis Jager is an expert at helping freelance model get agencies and to grow their modeling career through the modeling camp.
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