Tips For Modeling Headshots

Headshots are one of the most important images a model needs to have!

As a model having the right images is crucial to getting signed and book modeling jobs. If you are on this page, you want to know tips for modeling headshots, and yes, you are on the right page but let me stop you here first. In the modeling industry, you don't call it modeling headshots. This is more tailored to acting. I will share with you what these images are called, but first, you need to know what model you are. This will help you determine what kind of images you should have.

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Define what type of model you are

As an aspiring model, you might be trying to figure out what type of model you are and which category you will be best suited for. For example, what is your body type? How tall are you? Do you have specific facial features, like freckles, strong cheekbones, or jawline? Maybe your hair is curly or straight. You want to figure out your uniqueness, what makes you stand out. This will help you decide what type of agencies and modeling clients you will be eligible for and tailor your "modeling headshot" to this specific niche!

Modeling headshots

Ok, let me share with you how they are called. In the modeling industry, all the agencies, casting directors, and photographers call model headshots: Modeling Digitals or Polaroids. However, they are a bit different than headshots, which we will cover in a second!

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Tips for the perfect model polaroids/digitals

  • Make-up and hair: make sure you use as little make-up and hair products as possible and be as natural as possible. Please avoid fake eye-lashes and fake nails at all times!
  • The perfect model outfit is simple and clean with no prints or logos. Wear a form-fitted t-shirt or tank top in black or white. Skinny denim jeans and a pair of high-heels (and sneakers or dress shoes are acceptable for male models).

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Light, Light, Light

Light is one of the most important factors for creating outstanding digitals. Natural light is the best; make sure it's not too harsh and that it will give you dark shadows. Early morning or before the sun goes down (the golden hours) are the best moments to shoot your polaroids.

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Know your poses

The poses for digitals are very simple, the main reason for these pictures is for the clients and agencies to see your proportions, your skin and hair color, and how you look at the moment - without photoshopping and filters!

Now go out there and shoot your images; tag us @skylarmodeling, and we can give you feedback on how you are doing. And if you need help, we would LOVE to take them for you; simply schedule an appointment!

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