Interview With Rising Teen Model Star Zelda
Skylar Modeling
Zelda is taking the teen modeling industry by Storm! She is signed with the best modeling agency in New York and book various jobs, including photoshoots for Harpers Bazaar; in just a matter of MONTHS! We sat down with Zelda to discover her driving force, motivation, and secrets that helped her rise to the top!
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Photographer: Anna Garbowska

How did you get started in modeling?
I got my start because my Mama supported my crazy idea at 12 years old that I wanted to do Runway Shows for high fashion houses. It wasn’t easy to start because my Mama didn’t know anything about this business, and didn’t know where to start. But she loves me so much and wishes to support me in anything and everything so she did a ton of research, and after first couple of months we met Skylar Modeling team, Oksana and Dennis Jager, who believed in me with everything they have, and took me in … and I never looked back!!

What has been your most memorable moment on set so far?
Though I must say that it is hard to favor one over the other because each set is different, and brought different experiences for me, my favorite moment on the set was when I attended my first Skylar Modeling Camp, and I was in front of the most talented photographer, Anna Garbowska. Everything about that moment is still fresh in my mind- the vibe, the energy, the music, the outfit and Skylar team cheering me on and directing and helping my posing. It was my first professional shoot, with an entire team, and it is a day and time that will forever stay with me as my most favorite, because after I was done - I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life for as long as I am lucky enough. Since then, every time that I’m on set I have this rush of adrenaline as if it's my first time. I love seeing the creative vision inspired by directors, and feel beyond grateful to be chosen and lucky to get to carry it out. Working with amazing people around me, getting into “character” based on an outfit chosen for me, getting in front of the camera and connecting with it and the photographer. It's this unexplainable, beautiful feeling I get in my heart.

You made it already in Harpers Bazaar Magazine. What went through your head when you found out?
I can’t even explain the shock. Happy tears and lump in my throat, that I remember!!! I think I was shaking and hugged my Mama. We were….. exhilarated!! Harper’s Bazaar!!! It’s still so fresh and exciting. I felt like all the hard work we put into my modeling journey so far had paid off in a major way and it is such an honor <3
Teen Model, photoshoot, anna gerbowska, zelda, irina, Lopatina

Photographer: Anna Garbowska

What was your experience shooting for them?
My team was the BEST, all introduced to us by Skylar Modeling, and I must say here that SKYLAR was INSTRUMENTAL for this shoot, simply because none of this would be possible without their team of professionals!! Photos were taken by the one and only, Anna Garbowska, my styling was created by Stasi Berezovskaya, my hair was done by Kennedy Trisler, and all the beautiful make up looks were done by Jasmine Doyle. These are the loveliest, most genuine souls anyone could ever wish for to be on their team. I am proud to call them my team - #TeamZelda !!!  They’re like family, so working with them was and will always be such a pleasure. The set was full of TALENT, hard work, laughs, good vibes, excitement, creativity, inspiration, and respect. Anything that this team works together for, is always awesome, beautiful, classy, and unique. I am sure we are destined to do many projects together.

What other interests do you have aside from modeling?
I was drawing and painting since I was 4, and it is a hobby of mine that I cherish. I love getting creative with my paints, it makes me feel as if I can do anything I wish and my thoughts are always positive when I draw and paint… I love to be in my own mind and think and dream whilst I paint. I am obsessed with traveling to different parts of the world and am so grateful to my family for taking me on many beautiful destination trips.

You had quite a busy last 6-months! What is the one thing you do to always stay ready for a photoshoot?
So, I am completely obsessed with skincare!! OCD level Haha!! I start preparing for a photoshoot well in advance, Id say a week before. I am always concerned with my skin looking its best, but right before any photoshoot it intensifies!! It is super important to eat well, and getting a good nights’ sleep to wake up fresh is crucial for me. In the morning of any photoshoot, I close my eyes, count my blessings and do a little dance io get that blood flowing to get through the day. And of course, positive vibes and music always help!

Teen Model, photoshoot, anna gerbowska, zelda, Lopatina

Photographer: Anna Garbowska

Is there anyone that you look up to in the industry, and why?
Before I met my Skylar team, Oksana and Dennis, I would watch famous models on YouTube, and some of them made it look so glamorous and fun. I imagined myself being like them.. especially Kaia Gerber and Gigi Hadid… Then everything's changed in a moment… I met Oksana and Dennis, and I must admit, I was fanning over them BIG TIME!! They are so beautiful in real life more so than even in their gorgeous shots! The way they carry themselves, their positive attitude, their gorgeous million dollar smiles, and how well put together they are regarding their work commitments, they are both my idols. I am lucky to call them my good friends and whom I trust 100%, they have never let me down, and I value our relationship more than anything. I learned so much from them already, but I also realize that it is probably only 1% from what I can still learn from them.

Which designers you'd like to work with that you haven't already?
Because I am underage and I just started modeling I haven’t had a chance to work with many designers yet, but I am definitely dreaming of high fashion designers who represent the most famous fashion houses, such as Hermes, Balmain, Chanel, YSL and Tom Ford. All of them!! Of course, I would also feel very lucky to represent up and coming young designers who present clean and organic collections. I love luxury brands and at the same time I adore minimalistic aesthetic brands and the fashions they create. I love beauty brands and jewelry brands!! As you can see, I am obsessed with fashion in general :D!!!
Teen Model, photoshoot, anna gerbowska, zelda, Lopatina

Photographer: Anna Garbowska

What is your tip for aspiring models starting, and what should they watch out for?
Find yourself. Don’t limit yourself and your capabilities. Be open-minded. This does not apply only to modeling, but any other interest you wish to pursue. Before you walk into any room, correct your posture, smile, present yourself as if you already got this job and you are a successful person. Be proud but not arrogant, be fun, keep the wonder, but not obsessive, passionate but not overwhelming. It’s all about finding THE “balance”. Surround yourself with people who have the same goals and mindset as you. People who support you and cheer you on.

Be open to meeting new people, connecting, and engaging with them. Anything in life is about association and having that right “presentation”. Think to yourself, without limitation, who do you want to be? What do you need to work on to become that person? In the beginning of my journey, I found that whenever an opportunity would come up, I would get overwhelmed and scared. It was something completely new. If it were a casting, or rehearsing lines for commercials- I would get so nervous.

But then I realized, why be scared? Life is short, why live a boring, short life stuck in a comfort zone? Even if you don't know how to do something and you never did it, don’t let a thought such as “What will people think of me if i mess up?”, prevent you from enjoying a new experience.
Think about some legends that everyone knows, admires, respects. If they didn’t venture out and go above and beyond, well, they wouldn’t be legends now would they? You never know, something that you think you might not like, might just become something that you fall in love with and will want to pursue, it might become your greatest passion!!

For example, with modeling, right away I knew there was nothing, nothing else I wanted more. It made me feel alive and more like myself than anything I experienced before. And yes, even though I am very, very young still, I am convinced modeling is something that I cannot live without. And I strongly believe with these convictions, came so many opportunities already, like being published in 3 magazines, and being invited to more editorials and future campaigns. Modeling made me come out of my shell and explore different experiences, it doesn’t matter how many photoshoots Ive done, the next day I want to do more. Strive for more. And having this positive mind set I know I will not fail.
Teen Model, photoshoot, anna gerbowska, zelda, Lopatina,,

Photographer: Anna Garbowska

How can anyone reading this follow your journey?

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And don't be shy, reach out to me - I would like to hear from anyone one of you!

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